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“SkipLagged” site remains operational despite law suit

Despite being hit with a lawsuit in December from Orbitz and United Airlines, the 22-year-op founder of SkipLagged, Aktarer Zaman, is still operating his cheap flight website. The two companies are claiming that his site promotes “unfair competition” because it uses a “hidden city” tactic that allows users to book a ticket with a layover at their actual destination; customers then skip subsequent flights to the final booked destination. Zaman asked CNBC “It’s not illegal for travelers to miss a flight so why is it illegal to miss one leg of their flight?” The plaintiffs are suing him six claims of $75,000 each; if he loses, he could pay approximately $500,000. Despite the lawsuit, he has continued to run his website and told CNBC in the interview that he has had a lot more traffic because of the increased attention.

The above article is a summary. Please see the source article at Google News.

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