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Perception of Costs of Flights in Eurozone Differs

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

While cheap flights are readily available around the world, there are differing perceptions regarding the cost of flights, according to a study recently conducted by Skyscanner, a leading travel search website.  Those in the Eurozone are finding the cost of flights to be cheaper than they perceived, thanks to sterling reaching a four-year high against the euro.  However, in the Americas, the perception is opposite, with flights being more costly than perceived.


The annual study took into account 30 destinations.  The overall perception was that India was the cheapest place to which to travel, but the reality is that the cheapest place is Morocco.  Germany was also found to be cheaper than perceived.  The cost of travel is greatly affected by flight cost, which means that the long-haul destinations end up being a more expensive holiday choice, even if travel within the country is cheaper.


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Cheap Flights Disappearing Without New Start-Ups

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

The big airlines would like nothing better than to get rid of cheap flights forever and right now it looks like their wish is coming true.  Cheap flights are hard to find these days, due mainly to the economic climate and increased cost of fuel.  At this time there is also a lull in the appearance of new start-up airlines.  However, right now, with airfare rising, it is the perfect time for a new airline to come onto the scene and make a difference in the cost of flights.


There is a large number of small airports that are screaming for new airlines to come in and offer cheap flights to various destinations.  They want to offer an alternative to the big-name airlines and this is how both Southwest Airlines and JetBlue got started.  Unfortunately, a new airline does not have the security they once had.  The cost of fuel is the biggest issue, requiring airlines to fly only full planes in order to make the most of the fuel usage.  The big airlines are also making it difficult for small airlines to acquire gates at their major hub airports.


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Cheap Flight Master Ryanair Might Lose One-Bag Policy

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

The European parliament has just made a ruling that could see the one-bag policy of Ryanair and other airlines offering cheap flights become a thing of the past.  The parliament voted unanimously in favor of backing a policy that allows passengers to take extra duty-free purchases on flights.  Currently, Ryanair of Ireland, charges a stiff fee of £50/€50 for each bag that doesn’t fit into the bag cage and has to go into the bag hold.


Now the new proposal, which is awaiting approval by the European Commission (EC), will allow bags with duty-free purchases on flights, in an effort to encourage more more purchases to be made at retail outlets in the airports.  The goal is to increase airport revenue and British MEP Philip Bradbourn, says that the foot traffic that results from low landing fees is undermined by the carriers that count bags containing purchases as extra baggage and charge passengers for them.  Ryanair has been making some changes, but these have not affected flights out of Dublin as of yet.


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New Cheap Flights from London to Vancouver on Virgin

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Virgin Atlantic has launched new service from London to Vancouver.  The flights will operated four times a week, departing Heathrow International Airport and flying to Vancouver International Airport.  It is the first time in ten years that Virgin Atlantic has flown to Vancouver.  Chris Rossi, Senior Vice President at Virgin Atlantic, said that they are excited to bring Virgin Atlantic service to Vancouver and to connect Vancouver with London, which is the focus of the world in 2012.


Flights will be serviced on an Airbus A340-300 and will operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.  Flights will arrive in Vancouver at 3:10 pm local time and depart for London at 7:20 pm.  It is estimated that the new service will bring CA$21.5 million in tourism revenue to Vancouver and it will pump up British Columbia’s economy by CA$10.4 million.  In addition to these economic benefits, Larry Berg, President and CEO of Vancouver Airport Authority said the new route will also benefit tourists.


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More People Flying Ryanair

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Ryanair, known as the recession-proof airline, has seen a 25% increase in profits as people going on holidays have been looking for cheap flights.  The airline witnessed a 5% increase in traffic between March 2011 and March 2012 and profits after tax went from €401m to €503m.  However, Ryanair warns that the profits might take a dip in the coming year as fuel prices continue to increase and the Eurozone continues to struggle.

The fuel bill for Ryanair has already increased to a whopping €360m and this alone has the airline predicting that profits will fall to somewhere between €400 million and €440 million.  Michael O’Leary, the chief executive or Ryanair, said that they are concerned about the coming winter season as they expect there to be problems with recession, austerity, and currency as well as increased competition from new bases of operation in provincial UK, Poland, Hungary, and Spain.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News. Gives a Peek at Top Queen’s Jubilee Destinations

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

This year marks the 60th year of The Queen’s reign and, of course, this is marked by some fairly significant events.  There are a number of events and celebrations planned throughout the UK and the Commonwealth, such as the visit of Prince Charles and Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwal, to Canada from May 20-23. is ready to help those who wish to take part in the celebration of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by divulging the Top 10 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.


All over the commonwealth celebrations can be found.  In Gibraltar, Earl and Countess of Wessex will visit from June 11-13 and a number of events are planned.  In Cyprus on June 1, they will hold a Party in the Park in Happy Valley, Episkopi, Limassol.  In Canada, there is a new commemorative medal known as Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, which will be awarded to 60,000 Canadians.  In addition Australia and New Zealand will have their own celebrations and, of course, London, Scotland, Wales, Ryde in the Isle on Wight, and Jersey in the Channel Islands will have celebrations going on June 2-5.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News. Tells All About Best Summer Travel Destinations

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

At they believe that the key to cheap summer travel is to be open-minded and see just where the deals might take you.  Cheapflights is the online leader is finding published travel deals and they have put together a list of what they have found to be the Top 10 Most Affordable Places to Fly this Summer for destinations within the US.  At Cheapflights the staff spent three months looking over all the deals out there to come up with the very best of them.

The results of the Cheapflights search resulted in the following top 10 list.  Chicago, Illinois was the top cheapest destination, followed by Orlando, Florida; New York, New York; Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Washington, D.C.; Las Vegas, Nevada; Kansas City, Missouri; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; and Boston, Massachusetts.  These destinations are ideal for a true vacation or even a weekend getaway, said Lauren Sullivan, editor.

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Ryanair Suspends a Number of Cheap Flights to Greek Islands

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Due to a dispute with government authorities on the islands of Rhodes and Kos, Ryanair is reducing the number of cheap flights they are operating to the islands this summer.  In total, 82 flights will be cancelled a month before the end of the season.  The reason for the cancellations is that Ryanair says that the islands have reneged on a travel promotion they were holding in conjunction with the airline.  Even the Greek media caught the tourism minister saying that they had not signed a contract with any low-budget airline.

The original flight schedule had the flights to the islands ending in December, but since the dispute Ryanair will be ending on October 2.  The airline currently operates flights from Stansted, Liverpool, and Leeds Bradford to Kos and from Stansted, Liverpool, East Midlands, and Bournemouth to Rhodes.  Ryanair lays the blame on the mayor of Kos and Dodecanese development association Detap, saying that they failed to honor an agreed-upon joint marketing campaign for Ryanair flights to the islands this summer.

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Seven Airlines that Are Unexpectedly Good

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

You pay a lot for some airlines and you expect them to be good, but sometimes they are not.  Then there are the airlines that offer cheap flights, the ones from which you don’t expect much more than a seat to keep warm.  However, there are a few airlines that are surprisingly great, despite their offering of cheap flights.  These are airlines offer fantastic service, good food, onboard entertainment, nice planes, and on-time service.

AirAsia X has small, yet comfortable seats and, although you have to pay for it, they have really good food.  Virgin Australia international flights offer a good price and still have great entertainment, great food, and great service.  Jet Airways offers nice planes, good service, and cheap flights that are on time.  For a carrier in the US, Southwest Airlines is surprisingly good.  Egypt Air is another surprise, with comfortable seats, good service, and plenty for the passengers to do.  Finally, Qantas and Ethiopian Air are in the top seven as budget airlines that are worth the price.

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Allegiant Air Offering Cheap Flights to Hawaii

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Allegiant Airlines plans to start offering cheap flights from Washington State to Hawaii in an attempt to lure Canadians across the border to fly to the sunny destination.  The flights will start in mid-November and will fly twice per week out of Bellingham and fly to the popular Hawaiian destinations.  Prices will start at $159 US for a one-way flight to Honolulu International Airport and $199 US to Maui’s Kahului Airport.

In addition to the cheap flights to Hawaii, Allegiant is also planning to build a 9000-square-foot building at the Bellingham airport, which will be used also by Frontier Airlines.  Frontier’s service will compliment the service offered by Allegiant by providing connecting flights to other major US destinations via Denver.  Andrew C. Levy, president of Allegiant, said that the airline is hoping to attract both American and Canadian customers as those from British Columbia make up over half of the customers in Bellingham.

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