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New Cheap Flight Finder from Low Cost Airline Guide

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Whenever anyone has searched for low-cost flights, this has been done by using a drop-down menu.  However, Low Cost Airline Guide is now changing the face of flight searches by using an interactive map to search for flights to your desired destination.  This removes the bother of only being able to see the information for one flight at any one time.  With the new map option, those searching can compare different flights on one web page at the same time.


The advanced mapping system makes finding a discount flight easier and more fun and exciting.  People can search the departures from one destination and view all the flights for that departure at the same time.  There are other features, as well.  For instance, if someone wants to fly to a specific destination and there are no flights out of their chosen airport, then they can search other airports by distance from their home city.  It is a very convenient system.


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Cheap Flights Coming for Air Canada

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Air Canada is planning on launching a low-cost carrier that will begin operating in 2013.  On Wednesday, Air Canada’s chief financial officer, Michael Rousseau, said that the airline is mere weeks away from letting out details of the much-anticipated budget carrier.  Rousseau says it is an exciting time for the company as a whole, but also for the employees.  The new discount carrier will focus on sun destinations as well as destinations in Europe.


Air Canada studied the potential of forming a partnership, but decided to go it alone.  The new carrier will be owned solely by Air Canada and will be direct competition for the likes of Air Transat and Sunwing.  The new carrier will also have a separate management team.  The creation of the new carrier is possible because of an arbitration decision made in July that will allow up to 50 aircraft, including 20 Boeing 767s and 30 Airbus 319s, to be used to operate the discount carrier.


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EasyJet Will Give Cheap Flights to Government Officials

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Budget carrier EasyJet has just struck a deal with the government, in which they have agreed to give government officials cheap flights.  The reasoning behind this decision is to cut the travel expenses of government ministers by giving them cheaper, more flexible flights, which will ultimately save the taxpayers money because it will cost the government officials less money to fly to various destinations around the UK.  The deal is already in effect and as of now it is in effect for one year.


Carolyn McCall, chief executive of EasyJet, says that they fully believe it will make the travel of government officials less expensive and will save the taxpayers money.  She also said that they are aware that government officials already fly with EasyJet, so this was not a bid to win their business, but to make travel easier and more affordable.  With this deal in place, EasyJet expects government officials to use the airline for all their European travel.


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Cheap Flights for Aussies Flying Domestic

Monday, September 17th, 2012

New research shows that there are more Australians flying on domestic flights now that there are more budget airlines from which to choose.  The total number of flights in the past fiscal year was 55 million, according to the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics.  In fact, the number of Australians flying on domestic flights has increased 6% every year for the last ten years and they have airlines like Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, and Tiger Airways to thank for that.


Passenger growth has been steady each year since 2002, except for the period during the financial crisis that swept the globe.  As for airports, Sydney is still the busiest, with more than 24 million passengers during the past fiscal year.  Melbourne was next with over 21 million and then Brisbane with over 16 million.  The busiest route is the one between Sydney and Melbourne.  However, routes in and out of Perth have seen the biggest growth, thanks to the mining boom in the region.


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Cheap Flight and Mountain Holidays with Monarch

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Monarch is proving that cheap flights can be found during the winter as well as the summer.  The airline is offering up low-cost flights for those who want to ski in the Alps during the 2012/13 season.  Monarch is known for its cheap flights and great package deals in the summer and now they want to extend those deals to the winter travel crowd.  Starting in December, there will be flights to four fun winter destinations.


Skiers will be able to jet off to Grenoble, France for the French Alps; Innsbruck, Austria or Munich, Germany, which allow easy access to the Austrian Tyrol; or Friedrichsafen, Germany, which offers up easy access to skiing in Switerland.  These areas and their resorts all have fantastic skiing, but they offer up more than that.  There are fantastic facilities at the resorts and lots of activities for those who like to travel to the mountains in the summer and go hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing.


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Vietnam Airlines to Offer 110,000 Cheap Flights

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

There is good news for those planning to travel with Vietnam Airlines.  The airline has revealed that they will be offering a total of 110,000 seats as part of a promotional program.  These seats will be on both domestic and international flights and include destinations such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, and the UK.


Prices for domestic flights are an average of VND1.253 million ($59) for a return ticket and an average of VND400 ($19) for a one-way ticket.  This promotional program will offer cheap flights for domestic destinations from August 31 to October 10, 2012.  For international destinations, the promotional flights will be offered from September 12 to 19, 2012.


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Ryanair Has Cheap Flights, But Charges for App

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Ryanair may offer dirt cheap flights, but they charge through the nose for everything else.  Most other airlines offer their booking apps for free, but Ryanair has decided to charge £2.49 (€2.99) for their booking app.  The app is called Ryanapp and it is available in the Apple App Store.  The app is also soon going to be available on Android Smartphones.  The odd thing about Ryanapp is that people seem perfectly fine with paying for it, despite the fact that the competition offers free apps.


Michael O’Leary, the owner of Ryanair, does not believe in giving away something for free for which he can charge money, and the app is not exception.  The app will allow people to view flights on Ryanair, make bookings, manage those bookings, see special promotions, view the flights schedules, and get the latest Ryanair news.  Passengers can also arrange for checked baggage and priority booking, both of which cost extra.  The app is not new.  It has been around since March, 2012.


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Cheap Flights from Melbourne to Adelaide with Tiger Airways

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Starting November 1, Tiger Airways will resume flights between Melbourne and Adelaide.  To celebrate the newly restored route, the airline is offering up 5000 one-way seats between November 1 and mid-2013 for $19.95.  Tiger Airways chief executive Andrew David said that in time there might be extra flights added to the route, as well as additional flights connecting Adelaide to other destinations.


The resurrection of the old route was made possible because the airline made a deal with the State Government that allowed them to keep more than $1 million in taxpayer funding.  In effect, this cuts down what the airline has to pay back, as they were given a loan of $2.25 million to get themselves established in Adelaide in 2009.  The airline has purchased an additional Airbus A320 and there will be an additional 2520 seats to Adelaide each week.


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Additional Cheap Flights to Mangalore and Kerala with AIE

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Air India Express plans on adding 130 flights to a number of destinations in the Gulf, including Kozhikode, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, and Mangalore.  These additional flights will run from September 17 to October 27 in order to accommodate the increase in traffic that will mean increased passengers.


On Sundays during the weeks indicated, AIE will operate their Kozhikode-Dubai-Kozhikode sector flights.  Their Kozhikode-Dammam-Kozhikode flights will be operated daily.  However, there will be no flights on the Thiruvananthapuram-Kochi-Dammam route.  The Kozhikode-Mumbai-Kozhikode flights will run of Tuesdays and the Kochi-Abudhabi-Kochi flights will be operated on Mondays and Saturdays.


Thiruvananthapuram-Abudhabi-Thiruvananthapuram flights will run on Fridays and Thiruvananthapuam-Dubai-Thiruvananthapuram will operate on Thursdays and Saturdays.  Finally, Thiruvananhtapuram-Sharjah-Thiruvananpuram flights will run on Mondays and Wednesdays, Mangalore-Abudhabi-Muscat and Mangalore sector flights will run on Saturdays, and Mangalore-Dubai-Mangalore flights will run on Mondays.


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A Guide to Cheap Flights in Europe

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

Flying throughout Europe has never been easier, thanks to the Schengen agreement that made customs obsolete and to the budget airlines that came on the scene after.  The best airline to fly with when it comes to cheap flights is Ryanair.  They have grown to be a very large airline and their prices are the lowest of the low.  For example, a flight from Santander, Spain to Pisa, Italy to be €12.  However, flying with Ryanair is not like flying with a discount airline in North America.


Ryanair cuts all corners to bring such fantastic prices, starting with their very basic logo design.  Passengers must book online and print out their boarding pass themselves, and if the don’t, then they will be charged €60 for Ryanair to print it out when they check in.  Ryanair is also very strict about their luggage limits.  They allow only one piece of carry-on baggage and that includes a purse of a laptop.  The charge for extra is €15 or more for each extra bag when registered online and be prepared for €60 at the gate.  There is also no assigned seating and no seat-back magazine and there is advertising all over the bulkheads.  Flying with Ryanair may be cheap, but it is a very different experience.


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