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Monday, October 15th, 2012

Winter is just around the corner and wants you to be ready.  They have compiled a list of the five best ski destinations in the world and interested skiers can get there for as little as £60 per person.  Courchevel, France is on the list and it has a reputation of being the best in the world.  Skiing in France is like a dream and this is a resort that is great for all ages.  Vail, U.S. is another of the top destinations, where skiers can enjoy 300 days of sunshine and 346 inches of snow.


Anton, Austria offers visitors not only a fabulous skiing experience, but also a spa to chase away those chills after a day on the slopes.  With 80 days of sunshine throughout the winter and a ferris wheel-style chair lift, this is a fantastic getaway.  Les Gets, France is a family-friendly ski vacation destination, including slopes to suit everyone and a traditional Thursday morning farmers market.  Borovets, Bavaria is home to the oldest ski resort in Bulgaria and is perfect for those on a budget and for families, as they offer lessons and free lift passes for children ages 8-12.


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Bellingham Expanding to Accommodate Canadian Passengers

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

Bellingham Airport in Washington state says that one in three passengers who fly out of the airport are Canadian, so they are tripling the size of their terminal to ensure that they can accommodate these numbers.  The airport is building a new terminal that will be 100,000 square feet, nearly four times the size of the current terminal at 27,000 square feet.  Dean Zenk, director of aviation for the Port of Bellingham, said it is all about math and it is simple.


That simple math is the math Canadians do before they decide to go south of the border to catch a flight.  They can save a lot of money by doing so.  The Canadians who come across contribute to the local economy.  Some stay over night or park their car and take a shuttle to the airport.  Others get in a bit of shopping before they take off.  Zenk said he is concerned that policy changes in Canada will bring many of those Canadians back to their own airports, but he also says it is a dynamic industry.


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While Canadians Seek Cheap Flights South of the Border, Who Flies on Canadian Flights?

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

A recent report shows a large number of Canadians flocking south of the border each year to find cheaper flights on airlines in the U.S., but are there non-Canadians flying on Canadian airlines?  Dianne Grimmer talks about her experience flying from London to Vancouver and she says that there are a lot of foreigners flying on Canadian airlines.  She was the only one of four in the seats around her who was Canadian – both times.


A passenger from London and two from the U.S. on the earlier flight and another British woman on a later flight made Grimmer wonder why these people are choosing Canadian-based airlines over the airlines from their own countries.  She said flights going to and from London were loaded to capacity with many foreigners, which begs the question of whether those Canadians crossing the border to find cheap flights is just part of a shrinking world.


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Business Travellers Now Taking Cheap Flights

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Businesses are asking their employees to travel more often, but they are also taking cheap flights.  More and more business travellers are flying with budget airlines, according to Aviation Consultancy Ascend’s 2012 survey.  A total of 624 frequent business travellers in Europe and North America were polled and they found there was an average increase of 1.5% in the number of flights taken and an increase of 1% in the number of budget flights taken.


Carlson Wagonlit Travel CWT.L manages travel for businesses and they have data that concurs with the Ascend survey.  Carlson Wagonlit’s projections for 2013 show that airfares will rise across the globe and as this happens corporate air travel budgets will shrink.  Ascend’s chief economist Peter Morris says that those airlines that can provide good value to business travellers and not lose business will do well in the coming year.


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