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Skyscanner to Hire 250 New Staff Members

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Online flight search website Skyscanner plans on doubling its workforce next year, by adding an additional 250 staff members.  The Financial Times reports that Skyscanner will finance the additional staff through a combination of cash flow and operating profits.  Skyscanner brought in £33.5m in 2012, through click-through commissions and a percentage of all flights booked through them.

Last year, founder Gareth Williams said Skyscanner would grow tenfold over the next three to four years.  He said they are already bigger that their rival Kayak outside of the U.S. and almost match them in size on a global scale.  More than half of the new jobs with Skyscanner will be located in Scotland.

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AirAsiaX Asked to Remove Ads Promoting Cheap International Travel over Travel to SA

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Budget carrier AirAsiaX has been running an advertising campaign that promotes international flights as being a cheaper option to traveling in South Australia.  Once ad appeared on the side of a bus, indicating that a ticket to Kuala Lampur was cheaper than a ticket to Kangaroo Island.  According to Opposition Leader Steven Marshall, this is completely unacceptable and the airline has been asked to remove the ads.

Marshall said the Australian government spends millions of dollars every year to promote destinations in South Australia and these ads stating it is cheaper to fly to Asia are unacceptable.  According to Tourism Minister Leon Bignell, the government has spoken with AirAsiaX and they have agreed to remove the ads.  Bignell said the ads were not in the spirit of the agreement between the Australian government and the airline.

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Virgin Atlantic Getting Live Inflight Entertainment

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

Virgin Atlantic is about to start competing with the other budget carriers on a whole new level.  Ryanair and Spirit Airlines might be extraordinarily cheap and JetBlue might be branching into Luxury discount travel, but Virgin Atlantic is about to start having inflight entertainment on select flights to the UK.  These inflight “gigs” as they call them will feature improve comedians and live music performances.

Entertainment will be available on flights to Manchester and Edinburgh and the performers will be chosen from those participating in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Perhaps the best part of the whole deal is that, while the acts will be listed on the website, there will be no indication as to which flights they will appear on.  This will be a total will be interesting to see how this will sit with the passengers, particularly those flying for business.

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Zest Air Bring Back Taipei Flights

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Low-cost carrier Zest Air will once again be offering direct flights from the Philippines to Taipei.  The decision was made since tensions between Malaysia and Thailand are easing, and according to company founder Alfredo Yao, it is expected that demand for the flights will increase.  This plan precedes the beginning of a partnership with Malaysia’s Air Asia Berhad, which will see them flying to Dubai next year.

Zest Air had planned on restarting flights earlier this year, but in May two Philippines Coast Guards shot and killed a Taiwanese fisherman.  The shooting prompted the Taipei to impose punitive restrictions on the Philippines, but the sanctions have been lifted, thanks to a formal apology given to Taipei from Manila.  Now the airline is hoping to restart flights by November.  Zest Air operates flights to 10 domestic and 10 international destinations.

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AirAsia Japan Has Goal of Providing Cheap Flights from Tokyo to Hawaii

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

AirAsia Japan is going through some changes in the coming weeks.  They will still be offering their services, but they will potentially also be offering some new destinations.  All Nippon Airways is preparing to start a new trend with AirAsia Japan by focusing on destinations that are known for being warm and sunny.  They want to start operating more flights to leisure and vacation destinations.

Hawaii and Guam are destination names that have been thrown around, but there are sure to be more to come.  In addition, the airline will be given a new name and a number of new aircraft will be brought in.  The plan is to have the revamped carrier operating by the end of the year, with the goal of operating a fleet of five planes by next spring.  The airline will still have flights in the domestic market, to destinations such as Okinawa and Sapporo.

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