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When to book for cheap holiday flights

Monday, September 30th, 2013

If you’re planning a trip over Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s, you might be wondering when you should book your tickets. If you’re one to wait until the last minute, you should probably re-think that strategy; experts say it will be hard to find any cheap seats starting in about two weeks.

For the best prices, book your travel plans to be as far ahead of the holiday as possible, and as late afterward as you can. Be flexible; expect changes in your schedule.

A Kayak analysis done last year on travel flights showed that the cheapest seats were booked between September and mid-October. Those who wait past this time will spend up to 17 percent more for Thanksgiving, 51 percent more for Christmas, and 25 percent more for New Year’s Eve tickets.

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Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Last week Cheapflights published its Airport Affordability Index for the third year in a row. This index looks at the 20 most popular U.S. and Canadian border airports and rates them based on average airfares to the most popular destinations during the month of August.

The survey includes a column that shows this year’s rates compared to last year’s. Surprisingly, it shows that most airfare averages are down compared to 2012.

While Bellingham in Washington kept sits top spot, all the other U.S. border airports went down in rankings. Victoria, Kelowna, and Moncton all elevated to within the top five listings. Burlington International in Vermont fell completely off the list.

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Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

If you’re looking for the most inexpensive flights possible for during the holiday season, then CheapAir’s Holiday Cheap Flights Index is the list you want to see. It tracks 11,000 airfares with the lowest possible price, with continually updated information. It tracks prices back to May so travelers can see how their flight prices compare to those from previous dates.

People who use the list will also see that CheapAir team members highlight trends to help with seeing the next downtrend. This will help travelers make the best decisions when it comes to money-saving purchases.

There are separate Christmas and Thanksgiving tabs that show which days surrounding those holidays are the best to travel. For example, flights on November 30 or December 2 or 3 are much cheaper than those on December 1.

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United Airlines will honor free flights

Monday, September 16th, 2013

Those people lucky enough to take advantage of United Airlines’ computer glitch on Thursday will have their tickets honored. The glitch offered travelers flights for between $0 and $10 for certain routes. The airline hasn’t said how many tickets were issued before the glitch was caught and the website shut down.

People were shocked and surprised at the low cost of the flights; some shoppers found them inadvertently, like Bob Stokas of Chicago. He found that flights to and from L.A. were $10 per person. Other people heard of the glitch through social networking sites and jumped on the chance to fly for just the cost of taxes and airport fees.

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How to get upgraded for less

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Unless you’re famous or a member of a royal family, it’s not likely you fly with much style. If you’re lucky, you can end up with an upgrade, but this means you have to look the part.

First off, those who travel alone and dress nicely are more likely to win an upgrade. Other people who are more likely to qualify are those who mention it’s their honeymoon.

Other options to score an upgrade include having a travel agent who knows his or her stuff, and flying out from a regional hub. For example, try to make your connection in Schiphol and fly KLM instead of British Airways.

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UK-Based Cheap Ticket Expanding Operations

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Cheap Ticket, a subsidiary of Southall Travel Group, is expanding its operations to offer global travelers flights that will be departing from locations around the world.  Pervious to this, Cheap Tickets had served passengers departing from airports in the UK.  There is much excitement in the air as Cheap Ticket is able to offer travelers a level of functionality that few other sites can offer.

Cheap Ticket’s new website is up and running at and now visitors to the site can search for flights departing from any international airport across the globe.  Cheap Ticket is also able to take advantage of Southall Travel Group’s partnerships with the world’s leading airlines and world-renowned hotels.  This expansion of Cheap Ticket has resulted in the world being able to enjoy what travelers in the UK have been enjoying for such a long time.

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Sunday, September 1st, 2013

Jet2, which usually flies only within Europe, is looking to launch flights across the pond to Canada and the US.  This will mean those flying to North America will be able to find good flight deals.  The airline is planning to launch flights to New York, Boston, and Toronto in the spring of 2014.  However, the schedule is limited and the airline is trying to encourage booking tickets as part of a package.

An example of a flight is one from Leeds Bradford International Airport to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport on the long weekend from April 10 to 13.  Tickets per person will run about £998.00 ($775) per person for a return trip.  However, passengers should watch out for the extra fees, such as those for baggage.  Other flights will between destinations such as Newcastle and New York and Glasgow and Boston.

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