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Norwegian airline to offer cheap flights from Britain to United States

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Anyone living in the UK knows that affordable transatlantic flights are few and far between. That will soon end with the budget airline Norwegian. The airline will begin offering flights from Florida, New York, and California in July 2014. These one-way flights will start at just over $240.

The new flights will use new Boeing Dreamliners and things like luggage, reserved seating, and meals will cost extra, but even with those prices, will still cost far less than the cheapest flights available now.

The cheapest flight offered in September was $565. Direct competitors will be Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, but these airlines fly into Heathrow. Norwegian will fly into Gatwick.

Norwegian will offer three flights per week to New York and two each to Fort Lauderdale and Los Angeles.

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Is it too late to get cheap flights for the holidays?

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

If you want to get cheap flights for the holidays, most people know the best chance is to book early. This year is no different; late bookings might cost more than usual.

Several flight search sights show that the lowest prices for flying at Thanksgiving or Christmas are paid if you book 60 to 90 days ahead of time. Travelers might find lower deals later on, but usually prices will increase as the seats are sold closer to the holidays.

Even with cheap flights, tickets this year cost an average of 9.4 percent more for flights around Thanksgiving compared to last year, while Christmas flights are up 7.3 percent from 2012.

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Norwegian airline to offer one-way tickets from London to New York for under £150

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Norwegian Air Shuttle intends to sell one-way tickets from Heathrow to John F Kennedy for under £150. These flights will run three times a week starting in July 2014. These will be much cheaper than flights currently offered by Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, which charge prices starting at £441 for return tickets.

The CEO of Norwegian Air Shuttle, Bjoern Kjos, says the airline is able to offer cheaper flights due to the more fuel-efficient jets they will use. The airline plans to buy eight Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets.

Ticket prices will include seatback entertainment but baggage allowance, reserved seating, or meals will cost £30 more.

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United Airlines glitch gives super cheap flights again

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

A glitch in United Airlines website has the airline once again offering nearly-free flights.

Customers with a MileagePlus account who open two different tabs and go through with a purchase will essentially trick the site into thinking they have enough frequent flier miles to pay for the cost of the flights.

Some users have been able to purchase tickets from New Jersey to Ireland for under $50, which is the cost of the fees and taxes of the flight. United Airlines was contacted but declined to comment on just how many travelers have been able to take advantage of the software glitch.

Unlike September’s glitch, this time-round the cheap flights are the result of people manipulating the website, so it is unlikely that the airline will honor the reduced prices.

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Tigerair to offer cheap flights between Perth and Sydney

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Starting in December, Tigerair will offer up to six return services between Perth and Sydney each week. Fares will start at $139.95 each way.

Carly Brear, Tigerair Australia’s commercial director, said that Perth is a popular destination for travelers.

The flights will start just in time for the Christmas and New Year season. This will be great news to anyone who hasn’t yet booked a flight for the school holidays.

These new flights are an addition to the new routes launched by Tigerair Australia this year: Sydney to Cairns, Melbourne to Alice Springs, Sydney to Coffs Harbour, Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast, and Sydney to Alice Springs.

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easyJet renews deal with MPs

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

A renewed easyJet deal means British taxpayers will continue to benefit from cheap flights for MPs, parliamentary staff, and peers. The deal between the Houses of Parliament and the airline was first put into place in 2012 and offers affordable travel options, which translates into the expense bills footed by taxpayers.

In the last 12 months, the airline says that more than 1000 trips have been taken by 200 parliamentarians. David Cameron, Ed Miliband, and Nick Clegg are among the many who took advantage of the lower prices on their holiday flights this past summer. Cameron flew to Portugal, Miliband to France, and Clegg to Spain.


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Deal: flight and tour of Italy for $999

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Globus is offering Canadians a great deal: if you fly from certain airports in Canada, and book one of five escorted motorcoach itineraries to Italy, you’ll save hundreds of dollars. This deal is valid to those who fly from Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto, Vancouver, or Winnepeg.

To qualify, travelers must book the tours by October 29. The tours range in length from seven to 11 days and include travel dates up to October 31, 2014.

People who take advantage of this deal will be able to tour such major cities as Florence, Rome, and Venice. Smaller cities like Spoleto and Orvieto are also included. Things to see include Grand Catholic Italy, A Taste of Italy, Great Cities of Italy, and Gems of Umbria and Tuscany.

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How to get cheap airline tickets

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

The way airlines set ticket prices is extremely complex, based on a blend of computer science and math. A typical global airline analyzes and manages the prices for around 100 million fares every day. This, according to Bill Brunger, former vice president of Continental Airlines and current CEO of PODS Research, make it understandable that travelers often have a hard time figuring out when is the best time to buy.

His tips are simple: fares purchased 21 days before a flight generally cost less than those bought seven days or less before the travel date. Don’t wait until the last minute because you’ll either be disappointed and not get a ticket at all, or will pay way more than you should.

In fact, if you can book more than a month out, do so.

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