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Hot travel spots to visit in March

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

March will soon be upon us and Cheapflights has put together a list of the best places to go in March.

1. Kahului, Maui, Hawaii is a popular island getaway year-round, but March is the first month where there is less rain for the area. It’s also the last month of the whale-watching season.

2. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is nice and sunny, although not overly hot. You’ll enjoy some great golf with the weather around 64F.

3. San Juan, Puerto Rico is dry, sunny, and warm in March, so it’s a great place to visit. It’s also affordable, which makes it ideal for students and families.

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Places to visit for extreme skiing

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

If you’re into skiing and extreme sports, then has put together a perfect list for you. Here are some places to go to check out some extreme skiing spots.

1. Mount Baker in Washington, United States gets extreme amounts of snow. Annual snowfall is reported at over 640 inches. There are trails for all levels of skiers.

2. Valluga, St. Anton, Austria has an extreme descent for you hardcore skiers.

3. Tuckerman’s Ravine in Mount Washington, New Hampshire, United States will test your abilities as both a climber and a skier. This is a hike-in location that will take you at least three hours to reach, and then you’ll have a 30-minute climb to the top.

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Place to visit to celebrate Carnival

Monday, February 24th, 2014

If you want to celebrate Carnival or any celebration associated with Fat Tuesday, then read on. put together a list of places to go to witness these celebrations.

1. Cologne, Germany is probably one of the best places to visit  for the celebration called Crazy Days. The party starts on Shrove Thursday with street parties. Rose Monday is the biggest party, with a huge parade. Things like bottles of cologne and chocolate bars are thrown as gifts.

2. Rijeka, Croatia is another place to visit. The celebration there has big and hairy characters come out to chase away evil spirits. The tradition goes back hundreds of years but the modern celebration only started in 1982. The costumes are made up of a striped shirt, white trousers, a sheepskin throw, and a belt made of bells.

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Top days to fly for best deals

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

The best days to fly can change from year to year. You need to take into consideration when the airlines lower or raise their prices, which destinations are the cheapest, and when, and what days are the best to buy considering when you want to fly.

If you’re flying from one coast to the other, you’ll save the most if you leave before June 7. Starting June 8, you’ll spend up to 15 percent more. Never fly coast-to-coast on a Sunday.

If you’re flying from New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles to London, do so by May 16. You’ll save over $400 or more.

If you don’t have to fly during the peak of summer, don’t: if you wait until August 23, the prices will drop down almost to those from before May 16. Then there will be another price drop around the middle of October.


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An anti-union, ultra-cheap airline could change flying as we know it

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014


Norwegian Air Shuttle, which is the third-largest low-cost airline in Europe, has been offering extremely low-priced international routes for the past few months. The travel industry as a whole doesn’t like it much.

These flights, which connect the U.S. to Europe for under $500 round-trip, include all fees and taxes. Compared to prices of over $1000 for the same flights, travelers will be getting a great deal.

So far, Norwegian Air offers flights or is about to offer flights between European cities like Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, and Bergen and U.S. cities like Fort Lauderdale, Oakland, New York., and Los Angeles. This summer, the airline will add non-stop trips between New York, Los Angeles, and Fort Lauderdale and London (Gatwick).

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Cheapflights has compiled a list of some places you can visit for extreme skiing.

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

1. If you’re up for a hike in to the skiing location, then check out Tuckerman’s Ravine in Mount Washington, New Hampshire. It’s a three hour walk into the location, a 30-minute hike or more up to the top, then a thrilling 40- to 55-degree slope to fly down.

2. Heli-skiing is pretty much the pinnacle of extreme skiing. Head to Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada for half a million acres of amazing terrain that is accessible only by helicopter. There are several companies that offer a variety of packages.

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Southwest and JetBlue to offer cheap flights from Regan National Airport

Monday, February 10th, 2014

It hasn’t always been easy finding affordable flights from Reagan National Airport, but that may be about to change. JetBlue and Southwest Airlines may soon offer cheap flights from the airport.

JetBlue has received the rights to add 12 round-trip flights per day, bringing its total to 30 slots, and Southwest will add 27 daily flights, bringing its total to 44. This will make the popular yet previously expensive airport more affordable to fly out of for travelers.

Neither carrier has announced schedules or destinations. These changes are due to the merger between US Airways and American Airlines and the resulting Justice Department ruling that stated that American must give up a minimum of 104 slots at Reagan.

The Justice Department has yet to approve the proposed changes by JetBlue and Southwest.

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More cheap flights from London to New York

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Cheap flights from London, England to New York, USA started back in 1977 when Laker Airways offered the trip from Gatwick to JFK for £59 each way. These low price tickets were the beginning of the budget airline revolution that could have Ryanair offering the service.

Since the late ‘70s, other airlines which have offered low-cost flights across the Atlantic include People Express, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Continental, and Delta. Now Ryanair might take up the gauntlet to try to make the route profitable with a cheap flight service.

According to the company’s CEO, he wants to start offering flights between New York and London in September, with prices starting around 10 dollars.

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Buy tickets five weeks in advance and save money

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

If you can hold out until just five weeks before your planned departure date before you buy your tickets, you’ll save yourself some cash, according to Skyscanner.

Despite the long-held belief that buying your tickets at the beginning of the year means cheaper flights, there is actually a better time to buy. Five weeks in advance seems to be the magic time to purchase your tickets, if you can manage to hold out that long. Of course, you should always check out patterns of cost for your individual destination to ensure you get the best deal.

Different destinations can have different lowest-price times. For example, from the UK to USA, tickets purchased 21 days in advance will be cheapest, compared to those between the UK and Spain, which should be purchased five weeks ahead of time.

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Tips to score cheap airline tickets online

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

It’s not just airlines that can save money! If you’re planning a trip and want to save yourself some cash, here are some tips that will help you score cheap flight tickets.

1. Clear your cookies: travel websites will often keep track of how many times you’ve visited their website and will raise their prices the more you visit.

2. Find and use promo codes: it only takes a few seconds to do a Google search that will save you tons of cash.

3. Fly redeye: you might lose some sleep, but you’ll save yourself some money when you fly late at night or early in the morning.

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