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Discount flights aboard Jump On Flyaways

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

While the slow-down with the oil patch in Western Canada is causing plenty of negative effects there are some positive outcomes it seems. Right now travellers can take advantage of low-cost options aboard Jump On Flyaways, which is allowed to offer flights when a minimum seat booking has been achieved. This company is usually chartered by the oil patch industry but their need has slowed down at the moment.

Flights are being offered from Calgary to Vancouver, Kelowna, and Las Vegas. To top it off there is a brand-new route being launched and that’s Calgary to Toronto, again at a discounted price. The Calgary to Toronto route will begin May 14 and is being offered at $224 for a one-way trip, which is about $100 less than Air Canada is advertising for the flight.

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Dallas to Austin flights: newest addition from Virgin America

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Virgin America continues to grow and with that it is offering flights from Dallas to Austin. These new flights will begin on April 28 and will take place five times per day. The flights will take place on Airbus A319s and the flight will be a short 50-minute trip. Virgin America has been putting a lot of focus on shorter flights such as this route adding to its already established transcontinental flights. Low fares are being offered for the launch where is $39 each way and this is available through midnight Thursday. These flights will compete with ones already offered with Southwest Airlines.

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Flight delays and cancellations: do they cost the customer?

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Inclement weather, in particular winter weather conditions, can wreak havoc on flights with many ending up delayed or even cancelled. Besides the inconvenience for passengers there can also be additional costs they end up incurring such as a hotel night stay, additional meals, additional parking costs, and more. Sometimes passengers are left having to re-book on another airline, which can also end up being more expensive.

The fact of the matter is when flights are affected by weather or what is deemed factors out of the airline’s control passengers are usually left on the hook for additional costs. As far as the airlines go they are simply responsible for getting you on the next available flight or giving you with a refund for the portion of the flight they aren’t able to provide you.

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Expedia hopes the Orbitz purchase will have it sell more flights

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

Expedia, Priceline Group, Travelocity and Orbitz have worked int he last few years to increase their hotel businesses compared to their flight offerings. Expedia Inc.’s CFO Mark Okerstrom said “We do love air.” Orbitz was started by some major U.S. airlines, and then transitioned into a hotel-oriented business. It moved to an almost all-hotel business in the early 2000s, because the main U.S. airlines got rid of commissions. Orbitz still sells a lot of flights, but its hotel business is doing a lot of hotel business these days. Room nights sold in the fourth quarter grew 18 percent for Orbitz, but the company hasn’t been successful in growing the way Expedia and Booking have done.

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Time to celebrate Chinese New Year with Cheapflights

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Cheapflights is getting into the spirit of things as it celebrates the Chinese New Year, which will take place on February 19 and will usher in the Year of the Goat. In celebration Cheapflights has released its very own list of the “Top 10 Goat-tastic Places Around the World.” This list is a fabulous way to pick your vacation destination this year and features such places as Goat Rock State Beach in California; Goat Lake in Seattle, Washington; and Goat Island in Hawaii. There are also some more exotic worldwide destinations in such countries as China, Morocco, and Scotland.

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Private company offers members-only airline

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Like Netflix with its unlimited movies when you buy a monthly subscription, Surf Air launched in 2013 and flies members with subscriptions between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Now a rival airline will soon offer Beacon, a new service that will go between New York and Boston. The cost is $2,000 a month for unlimited flights between the two cities. For business people who fly frequently per month between New York and Boston, that is a good deal, especially for those who travel with little to no notice. Beacon will start small and offer a booking process that is only a 30-second questionnaire.

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Ways to save money on flights

Sunday, February 8th, 2015

If you’re looking to save money on a flight, here are some shortcuts. First off, look at ITA Matric Airfare. It lets you find good deals. Secondly, change your country; airlines can charge different prices for different countries. You can sign up for alerts, look every week for deals, and be flexible. If you are willing to travel late at night or are okay with layovers, choose those. You can also fly from different airports and save hundreds of dollars. Some days may also be cheaper than others. For example, it’s cheaper to fly from Detroit than Toronto, so if you’re willing to drive for a couple of hours to save some money, it’s worth it.

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