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A Guide to Cheap Flights in Europe

Flying throughout Europe has never been easier, thanks to the Schengen agreement that made customs obsolete and to the budget airlines that came on the scene after.  The best airline to fly with when it comes to cheap flights is Ryanair.  They have grown to be a very large airline and their prices are the lowest of the low.  For example, a flight from Santander, Spain to Pisa, Italy to be €12.  However, flying with Ryanair is not like flying with a discount airline in North America.


Ryanair cuts all corners to bring such fantastic prices, starting with their very basic logo design.  Passengers must book online and print out their boarding pass themselves, and if the don’t, then they will be charged €60 for Ryanair to print it out when they check in.  Ryanair is also very strict about their luggage limits.  They allow only one piece of carry-on baggage and that includes a purse of a laptop.  The charge for extra is €15 or more for each extra bag when registered online and be prepared for €60 at the gate.  There is also no assigned seating and no seat-back magazine and there is advertising all over the bulkheads.  Flying with Ryanair may be cheap, but it is a very different experience.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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