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A last-minute holiday might cost less

If you don’t have a holiday booked, don’t fret, because you might get a deal on a last-minute flight. It’s not as good as the days where you’d pay 10 times less than those who booked months ago, but you might be able to fit it in your budget if you make an effort.

From England, it is still possible to fly to Northern European countries, Spain, Ireland, and Scandinavia for under £50 return ($85 USD) and sometimes even less. You can rent a car for as little as £7 a day ($12 USD), and if you’re not overly fussy or demanding about accommodations, you can get a bed in a hostel for around £15 a night ($25 USD). All in all, you can get a week in Spain for around £120 ($202 USD) if you rent a car.

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