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Air India’s All-Women Crew Flight

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Air India will be operating flights to at least one city in three different continents with all-women crews.  These flights will be going to North America, Europe, and Asia, according to an official from the airline.  The flights will depart from Mumbai and include an ultra-long-haul flight AI-191 to Newark, flight I-342 to Singapore, and flight AI-131 to London.  In addition, Air India’s subsidiary Air India Express will operate flight IX-241 from Mumbai to Bahrain/Doha with an all-women crew.  Domestic flights operated by Air India will fly flights AI-669 Mumbai-Bhubaneshwar and AI-649 Mumbai-Raipur with all-women crews as well.

Varsha Gaikwad, Maharashtra minister for Women & Child Development, will be present at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport on Thursday to flag off the first all-women crew flight, from Mumbai to Singapore.  Capt. Sami Ara and first officer Mandeep Kaur will pilot the flight.  Capt. Rashmi Miranda and Capt. Priya Acharya, along with first officers Rima Naik and A. Divya, will pilot the Mumbai-Newark flight.  Finally, Capt. Sunita Narula with first officer Reshma Rajwani, will pilot the Mumbai-London flight.

Capt. Sathya Rajmohan and Capt. Chameli Krothapalli, along with first officers D. Mooga and Rhythm Vyas, will pilot the Mumbai-Bahrain/Doha flight for Air India Express.  Other domestic flights will be piloted by Capt. Gitanjali Khadria and Capt S. Deshmukh and first officers Neelam Bisht and Shikha Harne.  In addition to the all-women crews on these flights, all activities associated with these flights will be handled by women in various departments of Air India.  Air India made history two years ago when they operated the very first ultra-long-haul flight with an all-women crew.  It operated on March 8, 2010 from Mumbai to New York and then a flight from Mumbai to Toronto was operated by an all-women crew later the same day.

See the original Google News article for more details.


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