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Air New Zealand Makes Family Travel More Affordable

Air New Zealand has taken the concept of comfort in economy travel to new heights with their new “Economy Skycouch” seating.  This new “Cuddle Class” of seating has three seats together that can form a sort of couch and offer adults and children a place to put their feet up and stretch out or lie down and sleep.  It also gives children more room to move around when they get restless.

The deal with the new Skycouhc is that two of these seats are paid for at the regular price, but the third seat is available at half the cost, which allows families to get a better deal when traveling to New Zealand and allows two adults more space at a lower cost than Business Class.  The Skycouch is available on the airline’s Boeing 777-300 class aircraft and the service is available on daily flights between London Heathrow, Los Angeles, and Auckland.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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