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AirAsia India offers additional flight routes

Passengers have even more routes to choose from aboard AirAsia India. The airline now offers flights from New Delhi at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. The goal is that this airport can then act as a hub for the entire north India market and opening all kinds of options for travelers. There will now be flights to Guwahati, Goa, and Bengaluru.

“We are very excited to step into Delhi,” said Mittu Chandilya, chief executive of AirAsia India. “The celebration today is the result of constant hard work, meticulous planning, and undying dedicated spirit of our team.” AirAsia India is a budget carrier and will now attract those looking to book cheap flight alternatives into and out of the region. “We hope to enable more people to experience air travel in India,” finished Chandilya.

The above article is a summary. Please see the source article at Google News.

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