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Airline Email Scam Offering Cheap Flights

Phishing has certainly made its way to the airline industry and there are online thieves who have been sending out emails from fake airline email addresses.  These emails offer cheap flights and have people actually booking flights.  When a recipient of the email clicks on it, they are often taken to a site that looks just like the American Airlines website.  What are the thieves getting?  These people’s personal information, and in some instances, their money.


Rick Seaney of says he has received hundreds of these false emails over the years and this is the first time he has seen so many targeting air travel.  Of course, these scams are also coming at a time when the busy summer travel season is in full swing and people are looking for travel deals.  The scam most commonly used is an email containing what appears to be a receipt for a preferred seat order.  Once the thieves have your loyalty number and password, they can access your account and credit card information and start booking their own flights, which they generally book for the following day.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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