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Allegiant Now Flying Non-Stop to Orlando

Allegiant Airlines is now making non-stop flights to Orlando, Florida, a top vacation destination.  Thursday afternoon saw the first non-stop flight to the sunny destination as it departed from Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport.  The skies were cloudy and rain came down as the passengers boarded their flight.  Passengers Tom and Charlotte Trice have made the flight before, by flying to Charlotte, N.C. To make a connecting flight.  They are very happy to have a direct flight option now and they hope it is successful.
With the passengers waiting to board the Allegiant flight and other passengers on American Airlines flights coming into and going out from the airport there were about 300 people in the terminal, according to Airport Manager Bob Bryant.  In light of the fact that there will be additional passengers flying into and out of Salisbury on Allegiant on Thursdays and Sundays, there will be some changes made in policy so that passengers will have an easier time making their flights.
Airport operators are willing to work with people to make their flights on time, but they said that doesn’t mean people should show up a mere 30 minutes before their flight departs.  Couple Bob and Penny Wheatley weren’t taking any chances and were at the airport a full two hours before their scheduled flight.  They think the new flights to Florida will bring more business to the airport and they are happy to have it.
A runway extension and airport improvements prompted Allegiant to choose Salisbury-Ocean City as a new hub and since Orlando is the most popular flight destination for those passengers flying out of the area, it made sense.  The airline is offering an introductory one-way fare of $59.99.   Allegiant Travel Company president, Andrew C. Levy, said they are pleased to be offering the low-cost service to Orlando.

See the original Google News article for more details.

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