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Are Blue Air’s Fares As Cheap as They Appear?

Blue Air, the small Romanian budget airline, is taking a lesson from the other low-cost carriers in Europe.  They advertise fantastic deals as low as $27 between cities, but there is fine print involved.  When you check further, it shows that those flights that are so majorly discounted have limited seating at that price, such as on the 20 flights between Bucharest and London and Bucharest and Dublin.


Perhaps the most problematic part of these cheap flights is that they all go to/from Bucharest.  That’s the only option travelers have, which makes prices like Rome to Bucharest from $47 US, London to Bucharest from $74 US, and Paris to Bucharest from $67 US look less appealing (unless you really just want to go to Bucharest).  However, these prices might still be good for those who can travel through Bucharest to get to another destination, such as Paris to London via Bucharest.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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