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Australia is the Place for Staycations

Cheap Flights Australia has revealed that Australia is the best place for staycations after conducting a survey of Australians, 58% of whom have said that they prefer to stay in Australia for their vacation.  More than half of those who stay on the continent for their vacation fly to reach their destination.  This supports Australia as being a great place for staycations, with its variety of beaches, deserts, and skiing.


Most of the respondents for the survey say they would be willing to travel more than eight hours to reach their destination, which means they want to have gadgets on the journey.  Electronic gadgets are the most popular, with 43% of respondents choosing something like an eReader or laptop.  Something to read and water followed as second and thirds place for the must-haves.  Other popular vacation destinations for Australians include countries in Southeast Asia.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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