Baggage Fees and Policies

As a traveler, you should be aware of your airline’s baggage fees and policies. This is because different airlines will have different baggage fees and policies.

Airlines have maximum baggage size and any excess is charged or not allowed at all. This information should be sought before you do your packing. Baggage fees are usually charged when you check in.

Baggage policies are mostly about what you should or should not do with your baggage. For example:

  1. Your baggage should be clearly labeled with your name and contact information
  2. Certain items are allowed on board but cannot be used like your cell phone while others can be carried on board but they cannot be used during plane take-off or landing, like your computer.
  3. Certain items are completely forbidden on flight like explosives, inflammables, magnetic, gaseous or radioactive materials and some chemical substances.

It is generally advised that you travel light or within baggage limits. Further  information can be viewed on US Airways

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