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Bellingham Expanding to Accommodate Canadian Passengers

Bellingham Airport in Washington state says that one in three passengers who fly out of the airport are Canadian, so they are tripling the size of their terminal to ensure that they can accommodate these numbers.  The airport is building a new terminal that will be 100,000 square feet, nearly four times the size of the current terminal at 27,000 square feet.  Dean Zenk, director of aviation for the Port of Bellingham, said it is all about math and it is simple.


That simple math is the math Canadians do before they decide to go south of the border to catch a flight.  They can save a lot of money by doing so.  The Canadians who come across contribute to the local economy.  Some stay over night or park their car and take a shuttle to the airport.  Others get in a bit of shopping before they take off.  Zenk said he is concerned that policy changes in Canada will bring many of those Canadians back to their own airports, but he also says it is a dynamic industry.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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