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bmibaby Cheap Flights are History

Yet another one bites the dust.  Now bmibaby is set to cease operations, leaving thousands of UK travellers with summer vacation plans that are now unstable at best.  IGA, the parent company of British Airways, took over bmibaby from Lufthansa when they bought out BMI.  At the time bmibaby was struggling and now IGA says it will be shut down if they can’t sell it.  Shutting it down would mean the loss of 500 jobs.

The closure will begin early in June, with the first route closures being those to Belfast and those from East Midlands, including Alicante, Faro, Amsterdam, and Nice.  For now, most flights out of Heathrow will remain in operation.  Those passengers that will be hardest hit will be the ones flying to Belfast, a location to which few other carriers service.  Through bmibaby, Belfast is currently linked to East London Stansted, Midlands, Birmingham, and Amsterdam, so the abrupt closure will be hard on business and leisure travellers.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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