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Brisbane Airport Resumes Flights After Emergency Landing Closes Runway

At 2:30 am AEST Toll Airways had to make an emergency landing at Brisbane Airport, causing the closure of the airport’s main runway.  The landing gear of the aircraft failed and engineers watched two fly-overs before making the decision to land without it.  The plane did a belly landing on the runway, with emergency crews standing by.  Neither the pilot nor the student pilot were injured.
The runway was closed for over three hours and many flights had to be either canceled or delayed as a result.  The aircraft had recently undergone maintenance and was on a test flight.  An hour after takeoff the crew radioed ground staff to inform them that there was a problem with the landing gear.  The aircraft has been removed from the runway and flights are getting back to normal.  In addition, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) will be conducting a full investigation and will remove both the cockpit voice recorders and the black box.
A spokesperson for the airport, Rebecca Masci, said that the all clear has been given for operations to return to normal, but that this incident highlights the need for a second runway at the airport that can accommodate large planes.  Work is expected to begin on a second runway later this year, but if they had had that second runway now, she said, they would have been able to continue with normal operations despite the incident this morning.

Flights resumed a little before 6:00 am, but there will be delays throughout the morning as they work to get caught up with the schedule.  Masci says they should be caught up by this afternoon and ready for the evening flights.  However, this does not help people like the businessman who had a flight departing at 5:00 am for meetings at 9:30.  He went home and will go next week.

See the original Google News article for more details.

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