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Canadians Find Cheaper Flights in the US

According to a Senate committee report on airports, called The Future of Canadian Air Travel: Toll Booth or Spark Plug, millions of Canadians are opting to fly out of American airports instead of Canadian airports because it is significantly cheaper to do so.  A report released by the Canadian Airports Council in March says a staggering 950,000 choose to depart from either Seattle or Bellingham rather than Vancouver every year.  Scott Henning is one of those people, having paid $230 for a flight from Bellingham that cost $630 from Vancouver.


The Senate report indicates that Canada is losing 4.5 million passengers a year to American airports each year, which has resulted in the report’s recommendation to establish a national air travel strategy.  It also recommends ending the practice of charging airports ground rent.  Senator Dennis Dawson, chair of the committee that produced the report, says that Canada is losing $1 billion per year just in air travel because so many Canadians choose to fly out of the US to find cheap flights.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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