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Cheap Flight Master Ryanair Might Lose One-Bag Policy

The European parliament has just made a ruling that could see the one-bag policy of Ryanair and other airlines offering cheap flights become a thing of the past.  The parliament voted unanimously in favor of backing a policy that allows passengers to take extra duty-free purchases on flights.  Currently, Ryanair of Ireland, charges a stiff fee of £50/€50 for each bag that doesn’t fit into the bag cage and has to go into the bag hold.


Now the new proposal, which is awaiting approval by the European Commission (EC), will allow bags with duty-free purchases on flights, in an effort to encourage more more purchases to be made at retail outlets in the airports.  The goal is to increase airport revenue and British MEP Philip Bradbourn, says that the foot traffic that results from low landing fees is undermined by the carriers that count bags containing purchases as extra baggage and charge passengers for them.  Ryanair has been making some changes, but these have not affected flights out of Dublin as of yet.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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