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Cheap Flights, But Baggage Charges with Allegiant

Allegiant Airlines will now be charging passengers for carry-on baggage, which means passengers will no longer be able to avoid checked baggage fees.  On Wednesday the discount airline began charging as much as $35 for each piece of carry-on baggage, the higher fees for the larger items, such as totes and roller bags.  If the flight is booked in advance, then the fees are lower.  The airline was already charging $15-$30 per piece of checked baggage when the flight was booked in advance.

Flight Centre’s Allison Wallace said that passengers on these flights won’t be happy, but that the airline still has to think about the bottom line when offering cheap flights.  She said that people have to realize that they get what they pay for and paying a cheap fare, say $99, will get them from point A to point B without anything else included.  Allegiant is popular for its short-haul flights to cities such as Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Florida.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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