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Cheap Flights Coming Back to Central Australia

Cheap flights to Australia ended in 2011, but now the region is becoming the new hot spot for cheap flights, thanks to a battle between Tiger Airways and Jetstar.  Since 2011, only Qantas has been operating in central Australia, and that has made the region one of the most expensive destinations in Australia.  Tiger tried in 2009, offering service between Melbourne and Alice Springs, sometimes offering one-way ticket for less than $100.  Virgin Australia also took a stab at Challenging Qantas in 2010.


However, earlier this year, Tiger announced they would be returning to Alice Springs and they are offering four flights per week to Alice Springs from Melbourne and Sydney.  This month, there has been an even bigger change in the competition in the region.  For the first time Qantas is allowing its budget carrier into central Australia.  Since its inception, Jetstar’s services have been primarily aimed at east-coast holiday destinations, but now Jetstar will be taking over Qantas’ Sydney-Uluru route, which will operate four times per week.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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