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Cheap Flights Disappearing Without New Start-Ups

The big airlines would like nothing better than to get rid of cheap flights forever and right now it looks like their wish is coming true.  Cheap flights are hard to find these days, due mainly to the economic climate and increased cost of fuel.  At this time there is also a lull in the appearance of new start-up airlines.  However, right now, with airfare rising, it is the perfect time for a new airline to come onto the scene and make a difference in the cost of flights.


There is a large number of small airports that are screaming for new airlines to come in and offer cheap flights to various destinations.  They want to offer an alternative to the big-name airlines and this is how both Southwest Airlines and JetBlue got started.  Unfortunately, a new airline does not have the security they once had.  The cost of fuel is the biggest issue, requiring airlines to fly only full planes in order to make the most of the fuel usage.  The big airlines are also making it difficult for small airlines to acquire gates at their major hub airports.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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