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Cheap Flights from Alaska this Summer

The various airlines are gearing up for summer with a number of cheap flights that are sure to please passengers from Alaska.  These flights will take travelers to rodeos and a number of other popular destinations.  Alaksa Airlines steals the show with round trip prices in April and May with their Club 49.  These deals include: Anchorage-Seattle for $416, Fairbanks-Seattle for $518, Kodiak-Seattle for $524, Wrangell-Seattle for $342.

Delta Airlines also has some great deals, including: Anchorage-Reno for $476, Anchorage-Las Vegas for $476, Anchorage-Sacramento for $476, and Anchorage-Oakland for $476.  American Airlines offers a good fare from Anchorage-Boston for $495, which is available in early May. Condor is also offering great deals for those who want to get overseas.  Starting on May 1 passengers can fly Anchorage-Frankfurt for $700.  These deals are a sure fire way to enjoy summer travel.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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