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Cheap Flights Mean Expensive Baggage

Air New Zealand is competing with budget airline Jetstar and this means they are strictly enforcing their 7 kg carry-on limit for baggage.  A spokesperson for the airline said that their seat-to-suit program is growing in popularity and many people are opting to bring carry-on baggage.  Sue Chetwin, chief executive of Consumer New Zealand, said that those passengers who push the limits of the weight and size of carry-on baggage can expect to feel the consequences of that as the airline sells more seat-only tickets.


Chetwin says that many people rely on the goodwill of the airline even though they know what they are allowed to carry-on and not carry-on when they buy their ticket.  But with the highly discounted fairs, the airline has to tighten up in other areas and these passengers might be surprised.  Air New Zealand recently started a night service, selling tickets between Auckland and Wellington for $7.  This beat Jetstar’s $19 per seat on the same route.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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