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Cheap Flights Possible with Reopening of New York Airports

With the reopening of the airports in New York after Superstorm Sandy there just might be some cheap flights up for grabs.  On Wednesday flights resumed at Newark Liberty Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport.  However, LaGuardia Airport, which is flooded, is still closed and will remain so until further notice.  JetBlue was the first flight to arrive at JFK at 7:04 am on Wednesday, flying in from Long Beach, California.  A FedEx flight was the first to arrive in Newark at 7:12 am.


There were over 18,000 flights cancelled over the past three days, flights to and from New York and surrounding area airports.  Those who want to fly to or from New York should be on the lookout for some cheap flights as there may very well be some deals out there right now.  Flights have also resumed at other airports in the northeast, including Philadelphia, Washington-Dulles, Boston, and Reagan Airport in Virginia.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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