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Cheap Flights: The Add-on Can Add Up

This coming summer holds the hope of vacations filled with sun and fun as well as cheap flights with horrendous fees that might dim the light on that highly anticipated time away.  The high season rates of European airlines might seem great on first glance, but there are fees that will burst your bubble.  Ryanair is one such airline.  Starting in June, they will be charging £70 return for a 20 kg bag and £80 per the same bag for those travelling to the Canary Islands, Cyprus, or Greece.  And those are the online booking fees.  For those who don’t book online the fee for a 20 kg bag is £130 each way.

Ryanair is not the only airline to bring out the high fees this summer.  Passengers on easyJet will be paying £32 for a 20 kg bag on a return flight and on Air Lingus the fee for the same bag is £36.  There are other fees as well, such as paying up to £100 to take your golf clubs on the flight, £110 to transfer the ticket to a different name, and £30 for a seat with extra leg room.  The verdict?  Ryanair is the most expensive low-cost airline, but no matter who you fly with, your ticket will cost a lot more than you bargained for.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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