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Cheap Flights to the North This Summer

There is a new and small airline in town, but despite its small stature, it is giving Delta Airlines a run for its money when it comes to cheap flights up north this summer.  Lakeshore Express Aviation operates out of Oakland County International Airport is now starting flights to Pellston, which are in addition to the flights they have been operating to Chicago Midway.  Flights to Pellston run daily from Thursday through Monday for $109 plus $10 in tax for a one-way ticket.

The cost of the Lakeshore tickets to Pellston is almost half of the cost of tickets bought through Delta, which run $465 for a return flight from Detroit Metro Airport to Pellston.  In addition, parking at Oakland County International Airport is free.  Delta also has competition from SkyWest on their Detroit to Alpena County Regional Airport, which has prompted Delta to lower their fare on the route by $100.  SkyWest’s fare on the route is $212 return.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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