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Cheap flights will help you find your prince

It seems as though many Australian women are hoping to live out the same fantasy of Princess Mary and find their very own rich prince somewhere in the world. If this is the case why not take advantage of cheap flights to get you around the globe and start making the dream a reality. For those unfamiliar with Princess Mary she was a regular real estate agent from Tasmania leading a rather normal life until she met Prince Frederick as a pub in Australia. Now others are wanting the fairy-tale ending and looking for their own prince. So where would be a great place to travel?

According to Cheapflights there are a few regions that hold eligible royal bachelors. You could travel to Dubai home to Sheik Hamdan, the Crown Prince of Dubai, travel to Luxembourg home to Prince Sebastien Henri Marie Guillaume of Luxembourg and the Prince of Nassau, there is Denmark to where Prince Philippos is, or Liechtenstein where Prince Wenzeslaus is.

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