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Cheaper Flights Coming to Des Moines

Des Moines might see some new growth in the neat future, including new parks along Raccoon River, new iPhone applications to attract businesses, high speed rail, and even cheaper flights into the area.  A planning coalition, Capital Crossroads, is a groups of area residents and leaders in the business community who are helping to make plans for the future of central Iowa.  The group’s quarterly report session was held on Wednesday at the Des Moines Botanical Center.

The report gave some insight into what the community wants central Iowa, particularly the corridor between Ames and Des Moines, to look like in the coming years.  Part of the improvements to the region is in the air travel industry.  Southwest Airlines is planning to launch service from Chicago to Des Moines in September, with one-way fares starting at $79.  The entrance of Southwest into the region has boosted some markets by as much as 40%.

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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