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Cheaper Flights Possible for a Number of Routes in India

Cheaper flights might be on the way for those travelling in India.  The Kolkata Airport will be making a sea change to their communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS), which will allow them to automate the system and direct flights through the shortest route possible.  This will help cut the amount of distance for a flight and this will, in turn, cut the amount of fuel used, which could result in lower ticket prices, according to Manohar Lal Lehkra, regional executive director, Airports Authority of India.


The order has already been put in for the new system and it will be supplied by the Spanish company Indra, which has supplied systems to China, Eurocentere, and various countries in the Gulf.  It will take 10 months to install the system.  One of the improvements that will be experienced with the new system is that approaching aircraft will be able to start their descent and descend in a straight line to landing, rather than decreasing altitude and then cruising until the are allowed to land.  This will save 23 gallons of fuel per flight.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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