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Cheapest airlines for flying to Europe

Here are some of your cheapest options if you’re flying to Europe.

Icelandair is your airline if you want to get to Reykjavik or continue on to Europe from a number of Canadian and U.S. cities. A trip from New York to Copenhagen with a layover in Iceland will start at $1,169 in economy. You’ll get a deal if you do a stop-over before you continue on to your European destination.

Airberlin will get you from New York to Berlin starting at $1,079 USD plus baggage fees.

Air Transat is a great option to fly from Canada, with seasonal flights leaving 15 Canadian cities to Paris, London/Gatwick, Manchester, Amsterdam, Glasgow, and Frankfurt. It also offers some warm-weather destinations in winter. As an example, a Vancouver-to-London/Gatwick starts at $1,239 USD in economy.

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