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Cheapest budget airline

If you’ve ever bought a ticket with a budget airline, you’ll know that “cheap” flights don’t always end up being that inexpensive. You’ve got taxes and fees for pretty much everything added on to the cost of the ticket itself. WhichAirlines, a flight comparison website, recently compared 20 airlines to see which one was the cheapest.

Pegasus, a small Turkish airline, came out on in first place with an average price of €63,19 ($85.45 USD). This price includes the transaction fee and up to 20kg of baggage. Pegasus offers flights to a total of 76 destinations.

In second place was WizzAir with the average price of €75,74 ($102.45 USD) and BlueAir at €82,45 ($111.53 USD). WizzAir offers several European destinations from Liverpool and Luton, while BlueAir has a service from Luton to Romania.

Ryanair took fourth place.

The above article is a summary. Please see the source article at Google News.

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