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France’s Bastille Day on July 14 is fast approaching and celebrations in France will commemorate the Storming of Bastille, which marked the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789.  While France is the best place to be for such celebrations, French communities all over the world will be celebrating as well, making it easy for those who wish to take part. has compiled a list of top North American destinations that are sure to have lively celebrations.


For those looking to celebrate Bastille Day, here is a list of cities to visit: Philadelphia has street festivals and even a re-enactment of the Storming of Bastille.  St.-Pierre and Miquelon, islands off the coast of Canada that are still a part of France, are a great way to actually be IN France without having to cross the Atlantic.  New Orleans celebrates for the whole week leading up to Bastille Day.  Montreal is another way to sample Paris without crossing the Atlantic.  Finally, Milwaukee holds a four-day street festival to commemorate the day.


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