« » Gets Help from the Easter Bunny is ready to celebrate spring and the Easter holiday and are doing so by listing the top 10 Easter travel destinations around the world.  Whether travelers want to attend church services, participate in traditional activities, such as the Easter egg hunt, or enjoy some fabulous Easter cuisine, there are some fine Easter destinations to visit.  The top destinations include the countries of Argentina, the US, Canada, Greece, Lebanon, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, France, and Germany.

In the US and Canada, there are feasts, festivities (such as the traditional Easter egg hunt), and chocolate and candy galore.  Besides dressing up and going off to church, those who want to visit the US can enjoy a visit to the White House, which opens its lawns to children every Easter Sunday for the traditional Easter egg rolling.  In Canada, Cape Breton’s traditional breakfast of maple baked beans and Cape Breton scones are sure to please and a visit out west will delight those who travel to Vegreville, Alberta, the home of the world’s largest Ukrainian Easter egg, a pysanka.


In South America, Argentina is the place to be for Easter, where it is a big event that spans an entire week, known as Holy Week.  During this week the fasting of Lent is continued by avoiding eating any meat other than fish and seafood.  On Easter Sunday, Argentinians eat eggs, exchange eggs with people they know, and share special Easter cake, called rosca de Pascua.  In Greece, Easter is the most sacred holiday of the year, and is celebrated on a date based on the Byzantine calendar.  A 40-day fast is ended with a huge feast that includes roast lamb and the tradition is to knock eggs with your neighbor.  If you crack their egg, you will receive good luck.

Finally, Easter is also a huge celebration in Lebanon, where Christians make up more than half the population.  The have a mass on Good Friday, go to church on Sunday, and then break their 40-day vegan fast with a huge feast that includes lamb and egg-breaking, as with the Greeks.  Traditions specific to Lebanon include Shanineh, where children are given candles that are lit and decorated with ribbons and flower so they can form a procession and carry them around the church.  In Lebanon they also eat sweets called Maamoul.

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