« » Reports Landmark Ruling reports that passengers are now eligible to receive compensation from their airline when they are stranded due to bad weather.  The landmark ruling was made by the European Court of Justice after a claim by a passenger who was stranded in Iceland in 2010 was upheld by the court, requiring Ryanair to provide compensation.  Denise McDonagh was due to fly to Dublin, but the flight was cancelled and she claimed £968 to cover the cost of transportation, meals, and accommodations.


Ryanair appealed the decision, but the court said that extreme weather conditions and extraordinary circumstances do not exempt an airline from their obligations to passengers.  In fact, the court said that during these extraordinary circumstances, it is even more important for airlines to care for their passengers.  Ryanair has condemned the ruling, saying that it will cause airlines to increase airfares to cover the additional compensation.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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