« » Talks About BA’s New Winter Schedule with the Purchase of bmi

British Airways has announced its new enhanced winter schedule, which begins on October 28.  the new and expanded winter schedule is largely due to the purchase of bmi by IAG’s purchase of bmi.  There will be an number of additional flights, including two extra flights per day between London Heathrow and Edinburgh.  There will also be three daily flights from London to Aberdeen, starting on September 24.


Ireland will experience its own increase in flights, with October 28 seeing the start of seven daily flights from London to Belfast, an increase over bmi’s six daily flights.  There will also be an increase in flights to destinations that are farther away, including London Heathrow to Seoul and Zagreb, London Gatwick to Las Vegas, and London Gatwick to Barcelona.  Flight to Bologna and Marseille that once were serviced out of Heathrow, will change to Gatwick.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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