« » 3rd Annual Airport Affordability Report has a huge database of airfare searches and from this they have compiled their 3rd Annual Airport Affordability Report, which details the top 101 US airports based on their affordability.  The report is compiled using the actual airfares passengers paid during the month of June to popular domestic and international destinations and a number of important trends were discovered this year.


All of the top 10 airports were small and/or alternative airports.  This is very important when looking for flights because it means that passengers should not just be focusing on flights out of the big airports.  For instance, a flight to Honolulu from Oakland costs $150 less than the same flight from San Francisco.  The report also shows new information comparing last year’s results to those of this year.  What they found was that those at the top and bottom did not move very much, but that some of the airports in the middle went up or down the list significantly.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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