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Those travellers going to Europe for their summer vacation this year might be able to find cheap flights to get there, but once they’re there, driving around might not be so cheap.  In the past five years the price of gas has skyrocketed and many of the most popular vacation destinations have the highest prices of all, including Italy, Spain, France, and Switzerland.  Post Office research has shown that since 2007 the price of gas has increased by a staggering 82%.


So which country is the worst  Switzerland outdoes the others with the high cost at the pumps, but they are followed closely by France, Spain, and Italy.  The fuel prices are, on average, 13-14 p higher in mainland Europe than in the UK.  An example of the cost to vacationers is paying £1.67 per liter in Italy, which would mean that travelling 1000 km through Italy would cost £222.44.  Andrew Brown, Post Office Head of Travel Money, said that most travellers from the UK don’t seem to be deterred by the high gas prices, but with some advance planning they could save.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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