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In honor of Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, has compiled their list of Top 10 Gay Wedding Destinations.  The LGBT movement has made much progress over the years.  For example, in Canada, same-sex civil marriage rights have been in effect since 2005.  So for those planning their big day, here are the top spots in North America and South America that are sure to offer up the best possible location for a smashing wedding and where their union will be officially recognized.


Washington, D.C. is a spectacular location and, while they have only had legalized same-sex marriage since 2009, there are plenty of accepting venues and hotels for the nuptials.  For those who want the French connection, but cannot get married in Paris, Montreal offers a great alternative.  Provincetown, Massachusetts is a gay-friendly destination with beaches and a thriving nightlife.  New York is, of course, New York.  What more is there to say?  And for those who want some South American flare, Buenos Aires, Argentina is the place to be.  For those who wish to go to Europe, destinations include Amsterdam, Netherlands; Oslo, Norway; Stockholm, Sweden; Reykjavík, Iceland; and Madrid, Spain.


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