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Cheapflights compiles list of breakfasts from around the world

If you’re trying to come up with ideas for a delicious way to break your fast, Cheapflights has put together a list of delicious breakfast ideas from all over the world.

If you’re in Australia, one of the national foods is Vegemite, a salty paste made from a variety of things including spices, vegetables, and brewers’ yeast extract. Eat it on toast.

Gana travelers should try Waakye. It’s beans and rice served with fried plantains, fried fish, boiled eggs, or fried chicken.

In Mexico, a common breakfast food is last night’s leftovers of salsa and tortillas with scrambled eggs mixed in.

Of course, in France you can expect a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, a sliced baguette with butter and either chocolate spread or jam, croissants, or pains aux raisins. You might see ham, eggs, and cheese if you stay at a hotel for breakfast.

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