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Cheapflights offers a list of the most extreme eats

Cheapflights has put together a list of the world’s most extreme eats; whether you find them disgusting or delicious is up to you. Here are the top three.

Near Calais, France is Boulogne-sur-Mer. This is where they make Vieux-Boulogne, the smelliest cheese around. Apparently it smells like a barnyard but tastes delicious.

In many places in Japan you can order a pufferfish, or fugu. It’s a delicacy, but you risk your life with every fish, because it has to be prepared properly or you will die a horrible death. If you want to risk a bit more, you could also try its liver, which is said to be 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide.

The Duck Inn in Redditch, England offers a 150-ounce steak topped with onion rings and fries. Do you have what it takes to eat 9.35 pounds of beef?

The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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