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Cheapflights Travel Blogging Competition is calling out to all travel bloggers and writers with a contest that will allow them to write about a travel experience they have had and the prize for the winner of the contest is an Amazon Kindle Fire, which is faster than previous versions.  The Kindle Fire has a full-color touch screen and comes with many amenities, including cloud storage, games, apps, and more.  This truly is the perfect prize for the traveller.


Those who want to enter can write their travel experience, no matter whether they have found the romance in Paris, explored the glaciers of Iceland, or soaked up the sun and the sand in Fiji.  Bull fighting in Spain and barbecues in Australia, anything goes.  For those who want to enter, their experience has to be in a foreign country and has to be uploaded to their blog by 4:00 pm December 7, 2012.

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