« » Surveys Cheap Flights and Finds Huge Differences did a comparison of 16 metesearch engines, searching for cheap flights, and found out that there can be a staggering price difference for an identical trip.  They found that the cost per ticket of an identical economy flight from London to New York can vary as much as £165.  Cheap Flights Finder searched flights for the autumn half-term break and found major differences even between the two top metasearch engines.


United Airlines was the cheapest airline, booked through at £468.59 for an economy seat, and the most expensive was Iberia, booked through Carlton Leisure at £633.59.  That means a family of four would pay a total of £660 for the more expensive tickets.  Cheap Flights Finder was launched in 2008 and guarantees they will find the cheapest flights available.  This survey shows how much prices on the same route can differ, depending on the carrier.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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