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Computer Malfunction Results in Extremely Cheap Flights

A computer glitch caused the listing for a flight from the US to Hong Kong for 4 frequent flyer miles and $33.  The malfunction occurred on Sunday with United Airlines and this glitch will be a good first test of the new consumer protection rules established by the Department of Transportation.  These new rules prevent airlines from increasing the price of an airline ticket after the ticket has been purchased by the customer.


Once people got wind of the deal, they began sharing the information in chat rooms, on blogs, and on Twitter and Facebook.  Ben Schlappig runs the website One Mile at a Time and he said that he advised people not to call the airline and bring more attention to the cheap flights.  Regular First Class tickets to Hong Kong generally cost 140,000 frequent flyer miles or $10,250 and Business Class costs 120,000 or $8500.  United pulled the price listing and said that those who had started their travel would have their tickets honored, but those who had not would receive a full refund.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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