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Consumer Protection Committee Says Take Care with Low-Cost Tickets

Yesterday, the Consumer Protection Committee sent out a warning to those who are booking cheap flights to and from Taiwan.  They are telling people to pay closer attention to the service descriptions on the airlines’ websites before purchasing tickets.  Much of the time the information provided by the airlines is incomplete or unclear when it comes to additional charges and the like.  There have been many new low-cost airlines servicing Taiwan popping up over the past year and there have been many ticket sales.


The goal behind the warning of the Consumer Protection Committee is to prevent potential consumer disputes due to misinformation.  The committee inspected a number of websites on October 14 and found that all but of the airlines have translated only some of their service information from English to Chinese.  Only three have done a complete translation.  Most of the sites are not user-friendly when it comes to the provision of information.


The above article is a summary.  Please see the source article at Google News.

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